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Welcome to Genesis Birth and Wellness

Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘genesis’ as the origin, or coming into being of something. The mission of Genesis Birth and Wellness is to provide a safe, healthy space where your genesis can happen. Whether that includes coming into womanhood, motherhood, or closing those chapters, I’ll be here. I feel a very strong sense of responsibility to provide respectful maternity care to ALL women, including black and indigenous people of color (BIPOC). All are welcome here.

Being trained as a Certified Nurse Midwife has allowed me to have a healthy balance of evidenced based knowledge, and enough time and experience to have personal intuition and a belief that my work is highly spiritual. I have been forever changed by each woman, baby, and family I am blessed to meet.  I believe pregnancy is a normal life event to be celebrated. My job is to see you, hear you, and respect you. A healthy mom and a healthy baby are the absolute bare MINIMUM.

Genesis is not a traditional medical practice. Here, you are the focus and in charge of our journey together. I make recommendations and give my advice and guidance where needed, but ultimately how our journey goes is up to you. We partner to keep you well (emotionally & physically) and minimize interventions as much as possible. With 10 years of midwifery experience, I am privileged to be the first (but not last) African American Certified Nurse Midwife offering homebirth and birth center care in Upstate, South Carolina. I am also excited to retain my hospital privileges at Prisma Health Upstate to help you navigate the medical system if needed.

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